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Guten Tag | Good Day

Ich develop graphic concepts für businesses, brands and products, and support design agencys as freelancer.

One does what one can do best
As graphic designer I support businesses in developing and cultivating its brand(s). This includes establishing a consistent and target-group-related communication across all channels. With a good feeling for color, form and type I develop graphic concepts for corporate appearances, product releases, campaigns and much more. Of course, I advise on the choice of suitable measures and implement them at the end of the design process.
Follow your heart
but take your brain along
Within only seconds good design makes aware of itself, is being captured intuitively by the observer and influences his descision-making. This communicative top-performance is the result of a proven process, that starts with an accurate briefing and ends with a tailored layout or prototype.
Design process
What else counts
Ten influential years of agency experience and a few thousand projects make me a professional graphic designer. However, a long-term success implies more than that: so I stand up for my clients’ goals with a lot of commitment and stamina and feel great joy over open exchange and collaborative creations.
To be able to to show you relevant work out of my portfolio, please introduce yourself briefly.
You need a quote for a specific project or nonbinding consulting? I offer both at no charge. Please complete the form below as thoroughly as possible. I will get in touch with you shortly after.
Sebastian Paetau
Graphics & Concept
Richard-Strauss-Allee 1
42289 Wuppertal

M    info@sebastianpaetau.com
P    +49 202 27277655